December 30, 2010

Stephanie Ly

In a short period of time Stephanie Ly has become one of Canada’s most sought after assets. Speaking of assets, I don’t think you’ll find a man on the planet who doesn’t think Ly has a great portfolio to offer.
Stephanie keeps her body in this pristine condition through regular workouts with a personal trainer. The workouts have really paid off even though Stephanie admits that her trainer sometimes has to chase her in order for her to make all her appointments. (See, we’re not the only ones who have trouble getting to the gym!) I think her trainer is earning his keep if these photos are any judge.
Every time this Calgary, AB native hits the show scene there is sure to be a stampede of fans. After earning her degree in accounting and working for a few years, she decided she needed a change. Stephanie got her start as a model almost by accident when a friend asked her to help at a sport compact event. From there, she met numerous industry contacts and eventually became Ms. BFGoodrich for the Sport Compact tour. She then joined the Prestigious Models line-up around the same time. Ever since then, Stephanie has been traveling the continent for shows and photo shoots.
Today she is busy around Hollywood as she hopes to grab a few commercial spots. Still, Stephanie truly loves the tuner scene and is finally learning something about cars.
"My ex-boyfriend dragged me to a couple of shows before, but I didn’t appreciate the scene until now," the brown eyed beauty says. "Now I can appreciate a nice car.I’m a little clueless, but I’m learning since I’m around them a lot."
We’re sure there’s no shortage of guys ready and willing to volunteer the time to teach Stephanie a few automotive pointers.
However, Stephanie warns us that her car knowledge is enough to know everything doesn’t start and finish in the back seat of your ride. So don’t even try it fellas.
Stephanie has a very sweet demeanor, but beneath that lies the heart of a dragon. So you had better stay on her good side as this beauty isn’t afraid to let you know what she thinks.
Stephanie loves the party life that comes with the show scene and truly enjoys meeting new people. As part of Prestigious Models crew you can be sure Stephanie will be heating up the show scene for the foreseeable future.

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