January 24, 2011

Jennifer Nguyen

So tell us about a little about yourself ?
- A little? Hmm let’s see… I will always be a surprise to you so you will never get to know me fully haha. I was born in Regina Sask Canada and moved around a lot. I ended up in Vancouver when I was about 15 years old. I’m very blunt and outgoing and just love to have fun and lots of laughs haha. Dont get offended when I make fun of you it will only get worse! I was born in November 18. Yep! that means I’m a Scorpio! A lot of people think I look mix but I am actually full Vietnamese. Besides modeling I am also a Go go dancer/ actress/ bartender/ make-up artist! I need all of this to keep me entertained! I love a good adventure and I am always down for some fun!
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