January 10, 2011

Karolina Dawn

With over 7 Million Profile Views on Myspace, and over 4 million music plays on the #1 artist portal, Karolina Dawn is finding the fan base to soak up the music she has been crafting. With European radio interest on the rise and her Youtube Videos gaining steam, this sensual pop artist is quickly moving from being a musician and performer to finding world wide multi media recognition. Her debut album is slated for release in middle Q3 2009, being led by the infectious single “One More Night”. This synth laden, up-tempo pop/dance production is beautifully intertwined with a timeless story of unwavering love. At the center of it all is Karolina Dawn’s magnetic vocals and room filling delivery. The electro elements of “One More Night” are solidly reinforced by classic pop sensibilities courtesy of RACHID, who takes the helm as producer on the leadoff single as well as the majority of the album. RACHID better known as part of chart topping WIDELIFE, has racked up numerous Billboard #1’s as writer, producer and remixer where he has had the opportunity to work with the likes of Nelly Furtado, Deborah Cox, LeAnn Rhymes and Mariah Carey amongst others. Karolina Dawn’s debut Album is a solid collection of instantly memorable hook-filled songs. On tap is a journey through the heart of classic song writing landing at the crossroads where electro, dance and pop meet. A ride that is guaranteed to maintain the interest from the leadoff track’s very first breath to the last track’s final note. Karolina’s performances on the album range from the visceral delivery on “Can’t believe it” to subtle and soulful as on “Amazing”, a powerful ballad dedicated to her mother. The down-tempo sensuality of “Shy” a song about letting go, is instantly juxtaposed against the heavy club beats of “Make it Right” a dirty, grungy track that is sure to ignite dance floors around the world. The variety of songs and styles that Karolina displays through the album creates a sound that is distinctive and all her own. If you look at the night sky, you will undoubtedly see the stars, and squarely amongst them you will find Karolina Dawn.

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