January 12, 2011

Kelli Baker

Kelli is a freelance model located in Toronto. She's been modeling for most of her life, but more so in the passed few years. She thoroughly enjoys all aspects of it, but thrives most when she clicks with a photographer who has a unique eye and zeal for sexy & artistic expression. She also writes a love/sex advice column which you can view below by clicking on the link!

She's worked on various types of assignments such as print, tradeshows, promos, contests, calendars, television, exhibits, etc.

She doesn't consider work involving the adult industry of any sexually explicit nature. Any work requiring any form of nudity or semi-nudity will be carefully considered. In which case, she will make a decision based on the content, level of nudity, and how the images will be presented. She's currently not accepting TFP's or amateur based work.


  1. She sells her body for money by the pennies sometimes. She also promises services but after receiving the money for the services she does not provide what she promised.

    1. This is Kelli and I would like to point out who wrote this hate mail. This is Angela Krigers of Northbrook, Illinois, the gf of a fan of mine. She began stalking me after he hired a photographer to shoot me in Toronto for a custom shoot and purchased some of my photos off of my website. As anyone in the business can tell, her comment doesn't make any sense as I have a strong reputation in the industry and we know that pymt for a photo shoot is typically after the shoot, not prior. I hope she can soon find something else to do other then stalk me and make weak attempts at bringing down my career.